Starting a new adventure

I’m pleased to announce that this fall I begin a new position at an assistant professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am developing a website for this role, which will ultimately be reachable at Thanks for your interest and support!

Saw this Leiobunum vittatum just steps from Thomas Jefferson’s grave in Monticello. I’m back, East Coast!

Collecting fun!

I’ve had a number of great arthropod collecting opportunities this year, including netting bee flies (Bombyliidae) with former labmate Allan Cabrero (@Ento_Allan) …

…¬†and collecting harvestmen on the road to my new position at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

I look forward to future work on my skillz (such as they are)!

High school visitors

I helped to organize a fun afternoon with evolution course students from High Tech High School, North County, this week. They toured the lab, checked out SDSU’s impressive collections of mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects, and were of course greeted by my faithful arachnid buddy, the whipscorpion Mittens. ūüôā Thanks for your visit, folks!


#2Scientists and Science Outreach

I’ve been participating lately in a couple of really cool projects: talking science and art with the Fleet Science Center’s brilliant 2 Scientists program…

…and preparing to welcome a North County high school group learning about evolution to my lab and department! Since the high schoolers are planning to visit the Museum of Man the morning prior to coming to SDSU, I decided to make my own visit to the museum, eventually finding myself in this temporary exhibit on cannibalism! I received my very own corpse medicine prescription for skull moss (good for nosebleeds and anxiety!).

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Had a great time in New Orleans, LA for the 2017 SICB meeting, starting off with a memorable drive to visit my aunt in southern Alabama! It was surprisingly cold week in the American South (maybe San Diego is spoiling me?), but I bravely soldiered forth and enjoyed great talks and discussion about animal physiology.

In an amazing coincidence, a Wizard World Comic Con was happening in the same convention center as SICB! I would have loved to get a photo with cosplayers but, in a hurry, I settled for this Ghostbusters truck parked along my walk.

From the tide pools to the mountains

In the last week, I’ve visited two cool environments: the tide pools at Bird Rock, La Jolla and Palomar Mountain! At the former, I got to see an octopus attempt to drag a GoPro into the rocky crevice it was inhabiting, and at the latter, I checked out the 200 inch Hale Telescope at CalTech’s Palomar Observatory. Exploring new¬†research never fails to get me excited about science!