My approach to teaching favors the applicable in all subjects: I want my students to connect course concepts to the broader field and broader world, and I want them to do so with confident speaking and writing, useful applied mathematics, and a keen assessment of primary literature.

I was a laboratory teaching assistant at the University of Maryland for BSCI 201 and 202 (Human Anatomy and Physiology), as well as BSCI 207 (Organismal Biology). At San Diego State University, I have lectured for three courses: BIO 101 (World of Animals), BIO 204 (Principals of Organismal Biology), and BIO 352 (Genetics and Evolution). These experiences have allowed me to utilize a variety of technological approaches, including iClickers, Blackboard, and Techsmith Relay, and receive feedback on my public speaking– always a good thing!

Part of my experience as a postdoctoral fellow has focused on training for effective teaching. I have sought out training for pedagogy and evaluation at SDSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning, and I try to incorporate their support into my own approach.

I aspire to teach two “dream” courses: 1) a broad arthropod form, function, and biodiversity class and 2) a seminar in women and minorities in the STEM fields (perhaps focusing on evolutionary biology!).